Filip Matušinský, reklamní fotograf

My name is Filip Matusinsky
and I'm Czech commercial photographer.

You can see my work not only in advertising around you, but also in the titles of leading Czech magazines and newspapers. I specialize in advertising fashion photography, glamour photography and public relations. I'm the brand ambassador Sigma.

In the years 2006 - 2011 I was the art director of Blesk daily (biggest czech tabloid newspaper). I photographed famous personalities for the title Blesk Magazine, since 2012 as photographer of the titles TOP CLASS, TOP CARS, Fashion Club and Playboy.

I have dozens of successful advertising campaigns, and several celebrity calendars. Recently I have also created several charity calendars.

In my freelance work I focus mainly on the genre of Glamour Photography, in which I am one of the most sought-after photographers in the Czech Republic. I have lectured on this topic at many workshops and festivals. If you want to learn something from me, I recommend to visit one of mine photography courses.

Some of the personalities I have photographed include Iva Kubelková, Andrea Verešová, Ivana Gottová, Dana Morávková, Jan Čenský, Ivan Vyskočil, Lukáš Langmajer, Tereza Fajksová, Eliška Bučková, Lucie Smatanová, Emma Smetana, Inna Puhajková, Eva Decastelo, Hana Mašlíková, Romana Pavelková, Gabriela Dvořáková and many other Czech models, Miss, singers, actresses and presenters.

I have photographed ads for Heineken, Philips, Jaguar Prague, Land Rover Prague, O2, Aquapalace Prague, Ondrasovka mineral waters and many others.

I run a small advertising agency with a graphic studio in parallel with photography, I'm able to provide complete services from idea to final advertising product.


Why choose me?

Lighting Masterclass

I use professional flash and steady lights, which I have enough to illuminate any scene.

Professional skills

In fifteen years of experience, I have gained a great deal of experience in taking pictures of practically any situation.

best equipment

I work with the best. From Canon EOS 5DSR to Hasselblad H4D or H6D for the most demanding customers.


Nowadays, the print quality of the output is one of the parameters that are important for the client. As standard I produce photos in 31 or 50mpix resolution and for the most demanding projects I am able to provide 100mpix medium format output.

Unique vision

I am able to advise my clients and bring in their vague ideas a concrete vision that will correspond to their requirements.

Continuous education

Modern photography is constantly evolving and moving. New techniques of photographing or retouching, which I always try to know and apply to a specific contract.

My skills

Any style

As the advertising photographer, I have to be able to respond flexibly to client requirements and take basically anything and in any style.

Perfect retouch and photo editing

Digital postproduction is as important as the photo itself. Today, there is no longer a photo that does not need to be edited on a computer.

Production photoshoot

The ability to get all the props to shoot, permission to shoot in different spaces, a reliable team of assistants, makeup artists, models, stylists. All of this is daily bread for me.

Speed and flexibility

I approach each project individually according to the client's requirements, whose requirements I satisfy efficiently and in the shortest time possible.

Last news

Sigma brand ambassador
24. 1. 2020

Je tomu asi měsíc, kdy jsem se na základě mnoha pochvalných názorů vás všech odhodlal a oslovil firmu Hama, výhradního distributora značky Sigma, s prosbou o zápůjčku tří objektivů Sigma ART (...

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