Miami 2018

I was invited to make the commercial shots for new fashion shop Angel dust to Florida, Miami.
Also I made two photoshootings for JetSurf USA – first official dealer od motorised surfs in U.S.

I also used this opportunity to shoot Czech VIP Zuzana Belohorcova, which actually lives in Miami.

All of my photos were taken on my few years old Hasselblad H4D studio camera, which was a bit difficult in the case of fast action shooting with Jet Surfers. But even though my minimum exposure time was 1 / 800s, luckily pictures are usable 🙂 I’m looking forward to work with the new H6D, which allows to use exposure time 1/2000 (enough for fast movements).

Here are few samples of my Miami work:

Angel Dust:


JetSurf USA:


Zuzana Belohorcova:



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